Jane’s Fandom

Welcome to a Fangirl’s Guide to Jane Austen! In this blog I will explore the world of Jane Austen through her books and through the new land where Jane has made herself Queen: Fandoms.

Yes, as seen by one simple search, Jane has indeed taken over the internet. Or at least Tumblr.

I mean look at this! 


So here is what you can expect from me as I explore this wonderful, romantic and witty world:

  • I will define my terms! You don’t know what a fandom is? No Problem!


  • I will read Jane Austen’s major novels and blog through them!


  • I will go through different Jane Austen adaptations and judge them!


  • I will provide you with endless Jane Austen memes and gifs!


*I will always link memes and gifs back to their original sources or the sources that I found them from if the original cannot be located.

So sit back and relax, because you’re about to be introduced to Jane Austen through a whole new world: the mind of a fangirl.



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