First Impressions

So the way that this blog functions, is that I (your Jane Austen Fangirl) will be re-working my way through Jane’s novels (I haven’t read them since my early teens) and blogging my experience and reactions to the works.

I am also interested to see how my experience is rereading them since I have read them so many years ago but watched different adaptations more recently. Have the different adaptations changed the way I have thought about the story? Or not? This we will all learn in this grand experiment!

Alright! Well let’s get started!


So where to begin. Jane has many great novels, some of my favorites being Pride and Prejudice (duh), Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park.

However, I decided that because I have made the grand assumption that I was well versed enough in the realm of Jane Austen to write the guide to her fandom, I would begin with a character who liked to make a lot of grand assumptions of her own.

That’s right, I’m blogging Emma.


*The following post contains spoilers. However, Emma was written in 1815 so I have no qualms with spoiling it. In fact, if you don’t know it, shame on you!

My first exposure to the story of Emma was through the 1996 A&E adaptation with Kate Beckinsale (see picture above). I did not like it. My dislike for Emma had nothing to do with Kate or that particular adaptation (which I will discuss in a later post). My dislike had to do with Emma herself!

She was so annoying! She meddled in other peoples lives and made them worse! She went around with her nose stuck in the air and offended perfectly good people!

And Knightley? Yeah, Emma needed someone to put her in her place, but he was so mean! Give the girl a break!

Also, there was a part of the movie that stuck out to me where Emma was standing by a window holding her baby niece, and Knightley comes up behind her and is all like, “I remember holding you when you were a baby.”

It was creepy!

My initial reaction to Mr. Knightley can be seen in the series of memes I have created that I like to call “Creeper Knightley.”

creeper knightly1


creeper knightly 3

creeper knightley 4

When 15 year-old me read the book, I had this impression of Emma and Knightley in my head. And that was the lens through which I saw Emma for a long time.

But don’t go burning me at the stake and calling me a Knightley hater just yet. Because as I have been rereading I have found a very different Mr. Knightley than the one I remembered.

So tune in next time as I introduce you to…The Real Mr. Knightley.


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