The Favorite Child

When many people think of Jane Austen, this is what comes to mind.

Yep. Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth Bennet. The whole shebang.

Sometimes it feels like this is the only book she wrote just because of the way people talk about it.

Now I love Pride and Prejudice as much as the next Jane Austen fangirl. Lizzie Bennet is my girl. And that Darcy… yeah…

But Pride and Prejudice is definitely treated in the same way Mr. Bennet treats Lizzie…as the favorite child.

I have an underdog complex.  I’m drawn to helping the little guy out. This is why when I watch the Super Bowl (which is the only time I watch football #notashamed #gosports) I always root for the team that is currently losing. I switch sides multiple times throughout the entire game. I commit to which ever team is losing in the last five minutes so if they happen to have a comeback my team wins.

I’m an incredibly annoying person to watch the Superbowl with.

It is probably for this reason that Mansfield Park is my favorite Jane Austen novel. It’s not THE favorite (if Mansfield Park were a Bennet sister it’d probably be Kitty) and Fanny (the heroine) is pretty much an underdog herself.

But I do love Pride and Prejudice and so it’s the next novel I’m blogging!

And remember when I gave you all those AWESOME summaries of Emma? 

Well get excited because its Pride and Prejudice Summary Time!

Now because Pride and Prejudice is the favorite child, EVERYONE knows the story.

If you have no clue as to what Pride and Prejudice is and you don’t know what a Darcy is…this is my reaction:


However, I will give you my summaries because I’m gracious and stuff.

The One Sentence Summary

Elizabeth Bennet does not like Mr. Darcy until she does and then marriage happens!

The New Title Summary

Lizzie Bennet and the Bad First Impression

The Underdog Summary

The next summary I have written as journal entries from the perspective of Mary Bennet, the middle Bennet daughter and perhaps the most looked over…meaning the UNDERDOG!

Dear Diary, I learned a new piece on the piano! It was a difficult piece but I soon mastered it even though mother wouldn’t stop talking about the rich young man who moved into town. 

Dear Diary, I read several sections from Fordyce’s sermons today. It was a nice way to recover after having to go to ball last night. Mother won’t stop talking about howJane danced with the new rich guy and Lizzie wouldn’t stop talking about how his friend was a jerk. Lydia and Kitty just giggled. I don’t think they’re capable of actual words. Just giggling.

Dear Diary, Jane and Elizabeth are staying at Mr. Bingley’s and Lydia and Kitty are off all day with the militia in town. The house is quiet. It is glorious.

Dear Diary, Our cousin Mr. Collins is in town. I had hoped his arrival would bring intelligent conversation but he just stares at Jane and Lizzie. Also, why does there have to be a ball?! Dancing is such a useless way to get to know people. Conversation would be so much better. And why is that Wickham guy hanging around?

Dear Diary, Father made me stop in the middle of my piano recital at the ball tonight. He does not understand my art! I am in utter despair.

Dear Diary, I just want to read and play piano but Lizzie HAD to turn down Mr. Collin’s proposal and Mr. Bingley HAD to leave and now the house is in an uproar. I may never have peace again. 

Dear Diary, Lizzie left to visit Charlotte and Jane has gone to London. Why couldn’t Lydia and Kitty go instead of them? All I want is for everything to be quiet and to be left alone.

Dear Diary, Jane has returned. Lydia has left. And Lizzie got back and left again. Kitty won’t stop crying because Lydia left without her.  I read aloud my favorite passage from Fordyce’s sermons to try and calm her and it made her even worse. Why do I even try?

Dear Diary, Lydia eloped with Wickham. Maybe at last things will be quiet with her gone.

Dear Diary, I have just learned the best news! Jane and Lizzie are both getting married to rich men. This means that it is just me and Kitty in the house. And Kitty is tolerable when no one else is around. I will have peace and quiet at last!

Read the Book!

All Jane Austen novels are public domain so they are all available for free online!

Read Pride and Prejudice here.


One response to “The Favorite Child

  1. Brilliant summary! And quite hilarious. I sometimes feel that Jane Austen was perhaps a bit harsh on Mary and Mrs. Bennet in P&P.

    I am utterly delighted that Mansfield Park is your favorite! My own is Emma, but Mansfield Park is a close second. A magnificent novel, unjustly rejected by the vast majority of readers.


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