The Jane Austen Fangirls’ Christmas List


This means Christmas music, sparkling lights, eggnog and cookies, beautifully wrapped presents and of course…Jane Austen.

And you can’t get those beautifully wrapped packages without first supplying your relatives with a list containing all the material goods that you wish to acquire during this season of giving.

However the Christmas Season is also a crazy time, with many parties to attend, cookies to bake and for some (me) finals to take!

So for those of you who are too busy to make your own list, I have done it for you!

The Jane Austen Fangirls’ Christmas List 

1. A Complete Set of Jane Austen Novels


Now if you are a Jane Austen Fangirl and you do not own a complete set of her novels. You need to remedy that immediately. This particular set features hard back covers that are quite pretty.

2. The A&E Pride and Prejudice Keepsake Edition

Even if you prefer Joe Wright’s Feature Film (be on the lookout for a future post comparing the two), you cannot deny that a cult following has developed around A&E’s six hour adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The restored keepsake edition would be a great edition to any fangirl’s collection.

This version is also available for free streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video!

3. Jane Austen Action Figure

I received this action figure for Christmas several years ago and it has significantly increased the quality of my life. I keep it on my desk at home next to my Captain Kirk action figure. They make quite the pair.

4. Jane Austen Bandages

Never has a paper-cut been so properly dressed.

5. Jane Austen Tattoos

Now the Jane Austen Fangirl can show off her wild side! I have my Aunt Jennie to thank for showing me these. I wonder what I’ll be getting for Christmas…

6. Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Stephanie Barron 

This is a Being Jane Austen Mystery novel. It combines all the things you want in a book: Jane Austen, Christmas, Mystery.

7. Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret C. Sullivan


The perfect coffee table book. Check out my post on this book!

8. Mr. Darcy’s Finest Earl Grey

Tea=English=Jane Austen=Mr. Darcy

9. Jane Austen Mug

What better way to show respect to our favorite author than by drinking out of her face. This mug is also covered in quotes from her novels which will give you something to read while you sip your earl grey.

10. Goodnight Mr. Darcy by Kate Coombs


This is a baby lit parody of Goodnight Moon. The fact that it exists is reason enough to buy it.

11. Dinner With Mr. Darcy: Recipes Inspired by the Novels of Jane Austen by Peg Vogler


I often find myself in the kitchen making dinner and think to my self, This cake could use a little Jane Austen. Well that problem is now solved!

12. Jane Austen Soy Candle

Remember the Jane Austen Soap? Well now not just you can smell like a Jane Austen character! Your whole house can!

13. Austen Little Thinker Doll

Similar to the Jane Austen Action figure. I can only imagine how thrilled Jane Austen would be at the sight of this doll.

14. Jane Austen Paper Dolls


This particular set includes Elizabeth Bennet,, Elinor Dashwood, Edward Ferrars, and of course Mr. Darcy 😉

15. Pride and Prejudice The Game

It’s a Pride and Prejudice board game. Need I say more?

I hope that you’ve been good this year so you can get all of these delightful items! And if you do happen to own all them already, don’t fear! Your collection is not complete! There’s always all the Jane Austen fun on Etsy!


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