Jane Austen Cover to Cover

I recently had the opportunity to flip through Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret C. Sullivan (published by Quirk Books).

Jane Austen Cover to Cover is a compilation of all the different book covers that have clothed Jane Austen’s words.


Now before you go through the pictures I took of the book you HAVE to read Kit’s review from readingteen.net!

Readingteen.net is an awesome site that reviews different YA novels, features authors, and even does giveaways! There are several great reviewers, but Kit is always especially hilarious and insightful! She also gives The Fangirl’s Guide a shout out in her latest post which is pretty awesome!

So check it out!

……now that you have read Kit’s review, I want to show you some of the other covers featured in Cover to Cover that I found particularly amusing.

When I think of Jane Austen I think on a beautiful rich world with filled with clever characters, and one would think that the covers would reflect that. Well some of them did while others….

Are more comic bookish:


Also is Colin Firth smoking a cigarette in this cover?

Or romance/gothic novel-y

Seriously though. If this was going to be the cover for any of them it would be Northanger Abbey. And I’m assuming that’s Lizzie being terrified on the cover. Why?

Or have some serious Edgar Allen Poe vibes.


And of course one can not forget when Twilight was all the rage and those Jane Austen Book Sellers tried to keep up with the times:


Somehow I feel that Jane Austen’s work will  be a bit more enduring than Stephenie Meyers.

Jane Austen Cover to Cover is a great coffee table book and is a fun and beautiful book to flip through. It is the perfect Christmas gift for all Jane Austen Fangirls!

Also if you want more Christmas options, tune in next time for: The Jane Austen Fangirl’s Christmas List!


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