Welcome to a Fangirl’s Guide to Jane Austen!

With the arrival of the internet, fans cannot only connect globally, they have a large database where they can find all sorts of “paraphernalia” related to their fandom of choice, or contribute to it themselves.

This is seen in fanfiction, video blogs, gifs and memes. This blog serves has a twofold purpose:

1) I will explore the fandom of Jane Austen and see what is out there in the worldwide web.

2) I will contribute to the fandom.

In this blog I will explore the world of Jane Austen through her books and through the new land where Jane has made herself Queen: Fandoms.

I will do this by going through several of Jane Austen’s major works giving my own thought’s of the works, making notes on adaptations, trivia, and of course using memes and gifs.

All the thoughts and opinions found in this blog are my own and are not affiliated with any production studios or writers.

The pictures in the main banner are courtesy of Pemberly Digital, Miramax Films, Matchmaker Films, Half Entertainment, Paramount, Granada Television, ITV Productions, Investment Incentives for the Irish Film Industry, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Scion Films, Fickle Fish Films, Moxie Pictures, Pathé Pictures International, UK Film Council, Kintop Pictures, Bend It Films, Inside Track Films, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Chestermead.

All images are linked back to their original sources.




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